As an artist, Amber has enjoyed sharing her unique creativity and working with others to bring more beauty into the world. A desire for adventure and love of nature brought her to Alaska in 1988, where she has lived out many of her childhood dreams. She has gone hiking on glaciers, climbed mountains, prospected for gold, raised wolf pups, fished with eagles, and has been chased by bears. (The part with bears was NOT a childhood dream though.)

Her most challenging and rewarding role, however, has been that of being a mother. She says, “Children don’t come with instruction manuals. Sometimes you just have to make it up as you go along, and have lots of love and faith”.

Her mission in life is to bring a message of hope…that we are not alone in our struggles, God is always with us, and to share a few smiles and hugs along the way. Her motto is, “Live a life worth living, a life of integrity. Be real, kind, helpful, and wise, always with an attitude of gratitude. And whatever it is you do, give 110% effort to it, even in the little things”.

Through joy, heartache, laughter and tears, Amber discovered a passion for writing to help and encourage others to enjoy the journey we call life.

Amber says, “The more I journey into the world of writing, the more addicted I become. I love God, children and animals, and writing about what I love and enjoy, and connecting with others, has evolved into a way of life for me”.

Along with her current work in the “Heaven’s Victory” series, her works include: “Faith, Hope & Miracles” (a true story), “Crazy Critters Volume 1”, and being one of 40 co-authors of “Trials and Triumphs”, available on Amazon. She has also published hundreds of articles and blog posts.

She is also dedicated to helping new authors achieve their dreams of being published.

She lives in Palmer, Alaska, with a lot of cats and a dog named Frodo.

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