The War Within Us

Which side will win?…

The truth and wisdom of this old Cherokee story speaks volumes in just a few sentences.

We all have positive and negative emotions inside of us, it’s just a part of human nature. But it’s what we focus our thoughts and attention to that influences the choices we make, choices that create the life we live.

As in the story of the 2 wolves, if we put our energy and effort into the evil side, the results we get are darkness. But if we put our energy and effort into the good side, the results we get are positive.

So, why is it such a struggle? Because emotions are a very powerful force, including the negative ones. They are strong motivators to react to our situations.

The side we choose is based on what we value and believe in.

We reap what we sow…

The universal law of cause and effect states that for every effect there is a definite cause, likewise for every cause, there is a definite effect. Your thoughts, behaviors, and actions create specific effects that manifest and create your life as you know it.

We all experience both good and bad thoughts and emotions. The key is in which ones we choose to focus on, allowing them to influence our attitudes and behaviors. Negative thoughts and emotions are going to cause negative results, and positive ones are going to cause positive results.

Let’s look at a quick comparison of a common scenario:

You’re driving in traffic on your way to work, and someone cuts you off.

  1. You get angry. You honk your horn and yell some obscenities. You drive faster and more aggressively. Then you get pulled over and get a ticket for speeding. Now you’re even angrier. You arrive at work in a bad mood and start criticizing your co-workers, creating strife and animosity. The boss starts to talk to you about your attitude and you lose your temper and get fired or quit. You go home, consumed with angry thoughts, and end up in a huge argument with your spouse. The results of your day are negative because you allowed your mind to keep feeding the angry emotion, (the evil wolf).
  2. You decide to ignore the offence. You focus on being a good and courteous driver. You get to work and greet your co-workers with a smile and enthusiasm, creating an atmosphere of team spirit. The boss says he/she appreciates everyone’s efforts. The work gets done successfully and you go home. You have a pleasant conversation with your spouse and enjoy your evening together. The results of your day are positive because you chose to feed your positive emotions, (the good wolf).

Can we choose our emotions…

Not exactly. But we can choose our thoughts and actions, and how we respond to our circumstances. It may take significant and consistent effort, but with practice we can create better results for our lives. We can become better people.

In last Wednesday’s post I shared with you some of the darkest emotions that I’ve ever experienced. And for a time, those emotions led to very negative places and poor choices, eventually manifesting in physical ways that were not so pleasant.

But as I began to focus my thoughts on building a better life, I began making different choices, leading to different and better results. Each day that I make choices to do and become better, I make progress toward the results that I want in my life.

Think about that old Cherokee story. Do you know which wolf you are feeding? Which one do you want to win? What are you going to do about it?

Now go out and make a difference, and have an awesome day! – Amber

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