Friday Fun #7 – Coffee

It’s time for a coffee break…

I have been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember. There is probably more coffee than blood in my veins.

In fact, I my grandmother used to put it in my bottle when I was just a toddler. Perhaps it was her way of getting even with my mother for all the bratty things she did as a child?

Now, I am a coffee connoisseur. Not a snob, as I will drink bad coffee, or even instant coffee, if that is all that’s available. (For that matter, I’ll eat the coffee grounds if need be.) To my credit though, I haven’t tried snorting the grounds yet.

Many years ago I bought my first electric grinder, along with a bag of flavored gourmet coffee beans.

Living in a thin-walled apartment building at the time, my neighbors complained about the noise of the grinder at 4AM.

The next morning, I woke up (again at 4AM) to no electricity. I could still use the gas stove to heat water and pour over the grounds through the filter basket into the pot. But the grinder wouldn’t work without electricity, and all I had was the bag of whole beans.

So, I did what any coffee-holic would do…I filled a plastic bag with a handful of beans and took a hammer, went out on the balcony and smashed my beans until they looked about right. (The neighbors complained about that too.)

One of the perks of being a taxi driver (yes, that was a pun) for 8 years was free coffee from the local 7-11 stores, if we brought our own cup. But they finally had to put a limit on me because they said I was drinking up all of their profit.

When I was pregnant I tried very hard to do all the healthy stuff. While talking to my doctor about my diet, she suggested that I switch to decaf coffee. But…

Ever have one of those mornings where it feels like the whole universe is out to get you?

I am an early morning person. Always have been. And I’ve never really had much need for an alarm clock since I usually wake up at 3:30AM on my own.

Considering the writing schedule I’ve set for myself for the next few months, along with the daily life stuff, there probably won’t be much sleeping going on around here. (Well, except maybe for the cats. But that’s a good thing, since when they’re awake, they’re usually causing trouble.)

However, as I’ve grown older, I find that with too little sleep, my body nor my brain seems to deal with it as well as they used to.

Fortunately, I have found the solution…

Would anyone like to join me for a cup?

So, now I’m ready to get back to work on the book. I figure, after 2 pots of java juice (yes, pots, not cups) I should get my typing speed up to around 5,000 words per minute. Just hope my brain can spell that fast. Wish me luck.

I hope everyone has an amazingly beautiful weekend! Go fill it up with smiles!

See you next week! – Amber

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