Baptizing Cats…

So, I totally forgot to write the Friday Fun post yesterday. I was so focused on finishing up the rough draft on the book, I forgot what day it was!

I decided to share my Saturday with you instead, since I’ve been distracted from my work today, once again, by the cats.

Coal and Pretty went out after breakfast for their usual morning business, and I went to work. Things went along fairly well for about an hour.

Then I heard a loud thud, followed by the sound of breaking glass in the kitchen. Just as I finished cleaning up the mess, I heard loud cat screams coming from out front.

So I went outside and found Coal and Pretty locked in a ball of claws and flying fur. As I reached down to grab them, Coal managed to pull himself loose and got away, but I scooped Pretty up and brought her inside.

As soon as I walked through the door with her, Mo began hissing and growling, and the other 2 stooges took off into the bedroom to hide.

I brought Pretty into the office (the critters aren’t usually allowed in here) and held her close, trying to comfort her and check to make she was alright. Then I began to notice the aroma.

Apparently, she had been visiting the small farm across the street, and rolling in horse poop.

So then, I too smelled like horse poop from holding her.

I went back to the door and let Coal in, who also reeked. Something about the smell seemed very offensive to the kittens, and Larry, Curly, and Mo, all began growling and hissing at him…and me.

By this time, my whole house smelled like a barn, and all of the cats were in a foul mood with everyone. Poor Frodo even got his nose smacked a few times.

So, I decided it was time to baptize the cats.

I thought about filling the tub and just dunking all 5 into the whirlpool together…it would have been a real furricane!

But since I couldn’t catch all 5 at the same time, I decided a shower in the kitchen sink would have to suffice.

Mission accomplished, and I still have most of my skin left. Though now, I have five furious felines, and I’m pretty sure they are plotting my eminent demise at this very moment.

(I wasn’t able to get a picture of Mo, as she’s using her cloak of invisibility right now.)

So, if you don’t hear from me in the next day or so, please send help, as they may have figured out how to open their own cans of food and no longer have any use for me.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! See you next week (hopefully).

2 Comments on “Baptizing Cats…

    • It was interesting at least, more material for my next “Critters” book. They all eventually forgave me for the wet massacre…after I fed them.


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