The Ol’ Dirt Road

They say life is a highway. But I took the ol’ dirt road, and I’m glad I did.

Sure, it’s been full of bumps and potholes. There’s been plenty of mud-filled ruts, and even a few washouts along the way. And I’ve been stuck more than once.

But, oh, the views I’ve seen! And taking time for family and friends, making memories that have made this journey so sweet, would never have been possible on any highway.

I’ve realized that without the obstacles to slow me down and even stop me at times, I would have missed so much of the beauty along the way. So, yes, I’m glad I took the ol’ dirt road.

Even if you prefer the smoothness and speed of black-top highways, make sure to take a few dirt roads now and then. Appreciate the adventures and beauty they bring.

God bless. – Amber

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